Google says hacked websites in 2016 increased to 32% than previous year

Google reported an increase in the number of hacked sites by approximately 32% in 2016 compared to 2015.

Google said “We don’t expect this trend to slow down. As hackers get more aggressive and more sites become outdated, hackers will continue to capitalize by infecting more sites.”

Google also released the following statistics

  • 84% webmasters who do apply for reconsideration are successful in cleaning their sites.
  • 61% of webmasters who were hacked never received a notification from Google that their site was infected because their sites weren’t verified in Search Console.

Remember to register for Search Console if you own or manage a site. It’s the primary channel that Google uses to communicate site health alerts. – Google

CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento continued to be the most hacked websites. Reports say that WordPress is leading the CMS market with over 70% share. But a significant percent of WordPress sites are not up to date.

Lack of knowledge while configuring the CMS site and poor maintenance could be the primary cause which leads the attackers finding an entry point they could exploit.

You can read more about how to identify vulnerabilities on your site in our hacked help guide.

 How to protect your website from hackers

Securing a WordPress site is still a tough challenge. WordPress is updating restlessly all the patches needed to protect the websites.

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