Google’s new ranking update targets sites with low-quality content and links

It seems in beginning of March 2017, Google rolled out the new ranking update. It is still not confirmed officially by Google. In fact, Google is not giving any information about its updates these days.

But entire SEO Industry is has seen the change and effected positively or negatively and reported ranking fluctuations in March 2017. It believed by expert SEO community that it is a spam algorithm update around link quality. Because of this update, some websites saw up to a 90% drop in traffic.

Is your website affected by the latest Google Update?

Few sites may have dropped in keyword rankings if it has a spammy link profile. Informative website built for their customers or for their visitors will least affect this update. But this update affects ad heavy, low-value content and affiliate sites.

Barry Schwartz, editor at says “Many of the automated tracking tools currently show significant volatility and fluctuations, which is an indicator of an update,”

“The vast majority of URLs shared with me all show the same type of website. A content site, often in a blog format, but not always, that has content on various topics — which looks to be written for ranking purposes and then has ads and/or affiliate links sprinkled throughout the article. Many of these sites are not industry expert sites, but rather they seem to have content on vast array of topics that are not adding all that much value above what other sites in the industry have already written,” he added.

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