Insecure page warnings on WordPress login page in Firefox

Firefox browser released a new update on March 7, 2017- version 52. In an updated Firefox browser, web pages are displaying a gray lock icon with a red strike-through in the address bar for non-https:// websites.

Any login page including WordPress, users are getting a new warning message in while entering their login details if the website does not have a secure server connection.

In its release note, Firefox said “Pages that need to transmit private information, such as credit cards, personal information, and passwords need to have a secure connection to help prevent attackers from stealing your information. Pages that don’t transmit any private information can have an unencrypted connection (HTTP). It is not advised to enter private information, such as passwords, on a web page that shows HTTP in the address bar. The information you enter can be stolen over this insecure connection.”

In addition to this update, Firefox improved the following experience features while downloading from browser.

  • Notification in the toolbar when a download fails
  • Quick access to five most recent downloads rather than three
  • Larger buttons for canceling and restarting downloads

With the release of version 56 in Jan-2017, Google’s Chrome browser started showing “Not Secure” in the location bar on non-https:// pages that collect passwords or credit cards including WordPress login page.

Now, Firefox also giving similar warnings aiming more secure internet environment.

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