WordPress is closing 9100 unused plugins from its Plugin Directory

This week WordPress Plugin Review Team officially announced it is closing thousands of unused plugins from its Directory.

There are roughly around 50,000 free and commercial plugins are available in WordPress plugin directory. However, not all of these plugins are being used. Out of huge plugins availability, at least 20% of plugins wore found not used and thereby WordPress decided to close such plugins.

The criteria for closing plugins is – if it is unused 6+ months since the plugin was approved.
The review team has given an option that people can request to take over the slug and use it for a new plugin.

“Every time you submit a plugin, a human being downloads and reviews your code. If you’re submitting with out a plan to actually use the hosting, you are abusing the finite resources, and taking away from everyone else who is using the directory. Worse, we’ve found out some people like to get a review as a ‘free’ security review instead of hiring people for that work.”  –WordPress Plugin Review Team

This decision of closing unused plugins, helps users to get quality results in plugin directory search.
This also helps the review team to clear a lot of space and also concentrate on productive plugins.

Plugins improve or add extra functionality to WordPress software. It is true that plugins played a big role in the success of WordPress. It is also important to select quality plugins to avoid compatibility issues, security holes, poorly coded plugins.

It will be very useful to the users or developers if the review team also start removing plugins that were not updated for 5 or more years.

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